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Sun Health and Dental Agency Partnership Program

Grow your business

Register your Agency to become a partner of Sun Health and Dental. Have you ever had to turn away client's because they couldn't afford the standard plans you sell? If you have potential clients who don't qualify for traditional insurance or Obamacare you don't have to turn them away! Sun Health and Dental is the perfect option for them and for your business!

Affordable plans for any situation

With individual plans starting at just $40 month, $45 for couples and $50 for families (up to 5), all of which include access to our network of Dental care providers there has never been a better option for people looking to save money!

Competitive compensation for Agents and Agencies:

Sun Health & Dental pays out commissions weekly through direct deposits into your business' bank account. No hassle or paperwork required.

Agencies qualify for receiving override commissions based off of the volume of in-house agents.